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User Research

User Research

UX and the City – An Introduction to User Experience Design in the Financial Services Industry

The presenter talks about:

  1. working as a UX professional in the financial services industry
  2. the trading floor work environment and its impact on UX work
  3. UX design considerations

The Real Life Social Network v2

The presenter who work in the UX team at Google is the user research lead for social, and work on things like Buzz and YouTube. He spends a lot of his time doing research with people on how they use social media. He sits down with people, and have them map out their social network for him, and they look at how they use tools like email, Facebook, Twitter, their phone, and so on. One of the things they talk about is the differences between their social network online, and their social network offline. In this presentation, he talks about some of the things they have learned over the past few years, what it means for the future of the web, and some tips for design.

See->Sort->Sketch : Pen & Paper Tools to get from Research to Design

In the world of user experience, learning about your customers is key to making great stuff. But design research reports are dense and boring.

Unlock the power of sketching and pen and paper tools to create research outputs that are vibrant, sticky and that reflect personality, human perspective and that move seamlessly into design.

Modeling the Mobile User Experience

A presentation by Bryan Rieger of Yiibu on Modeling the Mobile User Experience.

Videos from UX Week 2011

You can watch most of the videos from UX 2011 which took place in San Francisco from August 23 to 26, 2011. UX Week 2011 was organised by Adaptive Path.

Chris van der Walt & P.J. Onori of HunchWorks on Applying Human-centric Design to Complex Global Problems

Mark Trammell & Jesse James Garrett on Creating Engagement on Twitter

Kristian Simsarian on Educating the Next Generation of Interaction Designers

Teresa Brazen and Kate Rutter on Intentional Environments: Designing a Culture of Co-creation

Jon Wiley on “Whoa, Google Has Designers!”

Steven Pemberton on The Computer as Extended Phenotype

Chad Jennings on Creating People Powered Businesses

Rob Maigret on Tomorrowland Is Today

R. Brian Stone on Stop Watching and Start Experiencing Web Enabled TV

Adam Lisagor on Video as User Experience

Adam Goldstein on UX As Product Strategy: Differentiation in a Crowded Market

Alexa Andrzejewski on Lessons from a UX Driven Startup

Jaron Lanier

Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky)

A Quick Look into IDEO’s Design Process- Designing a Shopping Cart in 5 days

In 1998, ABC’s Nightline news show asked IDEO to create a new shopping cart concept, considering issues such as maneuverability, shopping behavior, child safety, and maintenance cost. The resulting episode demonstrates IDEO’s design process, showing the multidisciplinary team brainstorming, researching, prototyping, and gathering user feedback on a design in order to move all the way from an idea to a prototype in just four days time.

Interestingly, the cart went on to win an IDSA IDEA Silver award in 1999.

About IDEO

IDEO is an international design and innovation consultancy founded in Palo Alto, USA with other national and international offices. IDEO helps design products, services, environments, and digital experiences. It has become increasingly involved in management consulting and organizational design.

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IDEO website

The UX Bookmark- the best UX links for the smartest User Experience practitioners

I created the UX Bookmark a few years ago to separate the wheat from the chaff, here you will find only the best of articles, from journals, conferences and the web, that will help you evolve to being a more knowledgeable user experience practitioner.

From the feedback I have received, I could not be more glad in knowing how much it has helped many of you- at times when you have needed it most, or how you have used it to slowly build your knowledge in user experience or a particular area within it.

If you are a usability engineer, user researcher, human factors specialist, interaction designer or an information architect, then the UX Bookmark is a resource specially for you.

The UX Bookmark

UX Quotes- Quotes on User Experience

This website of mine features a wonderful collection of quotes I have gathered over the years related to usability, interaction design, typography, etc.- the whole gamut of user experience. It lets you build upon your user experience wisdom through serendipity one quote at a time.

Rob Tanen on Tools for User Research

Rob Tanen begins to talk about how user researchers have historically lacked appropriate technology for studying how people use technology and the emergence of a variety of tools that can be applied to data gathering, analysis and sharing. He talks about the need for awareness and guidance in the selection and use of such research technologies.

Tanen goes on to talk about the basic characteristics of effective user research tools: documentation, measurement, efficiency and enhancement, data on current usage of various technologies for data gathering, analysis and presentation, demonstrations and tips on the latest technological tools for conducting user research, including high-speed digital video and pen computing and concept designs of future user research tools.

About Rob Tanen

Rob Tanen is Director of Research at Bresslergroup, a product design and development firm. Rob has over 15 years experience applying product/interface usability in the medical, industrial, commercial and consumer fields.

Rob is creator and editor of DesigningforHumans, the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) blog focusing on events, methods and technology related to user research. Rob has a BA in Cognitive Science from Vassar College, and MA and PhD degrees in Human Factors/Experimental Psychology from the University of Cincinnati.

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Designing for Humans

David Kelley on Human Centered Design

David Kelley, chairman of IDEO, says product design has become more about the user experience than about hardware. He shows a video of this new, broader approach, including footage from the Prada store in New York.

About David Kelly

David Kelly is the founder of IDEO. He helped design the first mouse, the Treo and the Leap chair. Kelley has also been teaching design at Stanford for more than 25 years and now leads the university’s design school there.