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Social Media

Social Media

Leveraging Social Technologies for E-Commerce

Ecommerce & the Social Web- Why it matters and what you can do.

Social Spaces: Lessons from Radical Architects

While Information Architecture took its name from architecture, it took very little else. This is not surprising, as the early days of the web were about making sites that supported the interaction between people and data. The obvious model back then was a library; a library is a space for humans to receive knowledge. But with the rise of social networks, and the integration of community into almost all online experiences, more architecture practices are directly transferable to design. Online spaces are no longer just about findability, but about falling in love, getting your work done, goofing around, reconnecting with old friends, staving off loneliness… humans doing human things.

As an early Information Architect who had been working in the search field, the presenter found very little but entertainment from phenomenology’s Gaston Bachelard or innovator Frank Gehry. But once she began working on social spaces, it all changed. You may Christopher Alexander from his pattern-language approach to codifying design solutions, but if you go beyond the mere structure you find that in those patterns lies the answers to tricky privacy issues and the cold-start problem. Architects of buildings can help us form a new approach to the architecture of human spaces online. Poetics will go down easy with plenty of real world examples from current websites, shanty villages, air apps and cityscapes.

You’re a Rock Star: Building Thought Leadership Through Social Networking

This presentation attempts to inform you on how you can use social networking to build thought leadership.

Videos from UX Week 2011

You can watch most of the videos from UX 2011 which took place in San Francisco from August 23 to 26, 2011. UX Week 2011 was organised by Adaptive Path.

Chris van der Walt & P.J. Onori of HunchWorks on Applying Human-centric Design to Complex Global Problems

Mark Trammell & Jesse James Garrett on Creating Engagement on Twitter

Kristian Simsarian on Educating the Next Generation of Interaction Designers

Teresa Brazen and Kate Rutter on Intentional Environments: Designing a Culture of Co-creation

Jon Wiley on “Whoa, Google Has Designers!”

Steven Pemberton on The Computer as Extended Phenotype

Chad Jennings on Creating People Powered Businesses

Rob Maigret on Tomorrowland Is Today

R. Brian Stone on Stop Watching and Start Experiencing Web Enabled TV

Adam Lisagor on Video as User Experience

Adam Goldstein on UX As Product Strategy: Differentiation in a Crowded Market

Alexa Andrzejewski on Lessons from a UX Driven Startup

Jaron Lanier

Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky)

A Social Media ROI Examples Video Infographic

If you need to get your stakeholders thinking about taking their first step (or their next step- from unplanned to get thinking and developing a strategy) in social media, then you will find this video helpful in collecting examples and data points that show how organizations have benefited from social media.

Being a video infographic, rather than text or an image means quicker assimilation of what it is trying to convey. While its a great way to share knowledge with your team, it makes even more sense to show it to your stakeholders.

About the video

This video was made in 2009 by Erik Qualman of Socialnomics. I came across it on day one of KM Singapore at Michelle Lambert’s masterclass on developing a social media strategy.

The UX Bookmark- the best UX links for the smartest User Experience practitioners

I created the UX Bookmark a few years ago to separate the wheat from the chaff, here you will find only the best of articles, from journals, conferences and the web, that will help you evolve to being a more knowledgeable user experience practitioner.

From the feedback I have received, I could not be more glad in knowing how much it has helped many of you- at times when you have needed it most, or how you have used it to slowly build your knowledge in user experience or a particular area within it.

If you are a usability engineer, user researcher, human factors specialist, interaction designer or an information architect, then the UX Bookmark is a resource specially for you.

The UX Bookmark

UX Quotes- Quotes on User Experience

This website of mine features a wonderful collection of quotes I have gathered over the years related to usability, interaction design, typography, etc.- the whole gamut of user experience. It lets you build upon your user experience wisdom through serendipity one quote at a time.

Jesse Schell on Games Design Outside the Box

Did you know that there are more Farmville players than there are twitter accounts? In addition to a few quick facts, Jesse Schell talks about the new thinking that is being brought to game development by studying the success of some extremely popular online games. He talks about why Club Penguin, Mafia Wars, Web Kinz, Farmville and even the Wii are successful beyond expectation today.

He talks about the psychological aspect of why these games are so popular today, how these games manage to make so much money and about their retail models, which are different from the regular retail model.

He also talks about how games are being used by regular products are using games to their advantage. And finally he goes on to describing his vision of how games will be ubiquitous in the future.

About Jesse Schell

Jesse Schell runs a games studio called Schell Games. He also teaches at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. In the past, he worked as creative director at the Disney Virtual Reality Studio. He is also author of the book, The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses.