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Creative Design

Creative Design

A Quick Look into IDEO’s Design Process- Designing a Shopping Cart in 5 days

In 1998, ABC’s Nightline news show asked IDEO to create a new shopping cart concept, considering issues such as maneuverability, shopping behavior, child safety, and maintenance cost. The resulting episode demonstrates IDEO’s design process, showing the multidisciplinary team brainstorming, researching, prototyping, and gathering user feedback on a design in order to move all the way from an idea to a prototype in just four days time.

Interestingly, the cart went on to win an IDSA IDEA Silver award in 1999.

About IDEO

IDEO is an international design and innovation consultancy founded in Palo Alto, USA with other national and international offices. IDEO helps design products, services, environments, and digital experiences. It has become increasingly involved in management consulting and organizational design.

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The UX Bookmark- the best UX links for the smartest User Experience practitioners

I created the UX Bookmark a few years ago to separate the wheat from the chaff, here you will find only the best of articles, from journals, conferences and the web, that will help you evolve to being a more knowledgeable user experience practitioner.

From the feedback I have received, I could not be more glad in knowing how much it has helped many of you- at times when you have needed it most, or how you have used it to slowly build your knowledge in user experience or a particular area within it.

If you are a usability engineer, user researcher, human factors specialist, interaction designer or an information architect, then the UX Bookmark is a resource specially for you.

The UX Bookmark

UX Quotes- Quotes on User Experience

This website of mine features a wonderful collection of quotes I have gathered over the years related to usability, interaction design, typography, etc.- the whole gamut of user experience. It lets you build upon your user experience wisdom through serendipity one quote at a time.

Dave Gray on basic rules for napkin sketching

(length: 3:30 minutes)

In this video, Dave Gray provides an introduction with 5 basic principles for making better napkin sketches.

About Dave Gray

Dave Gray is the Founder and Chairman of XPLANE, a leading consulting and design firm focused on information-driven communications. Dave’s researches and writes on visual business and speaks and coaches educators, corporate clients and the public. He is also a founding member of VizThink, an international community of Visual Thinkers.

He is author of the book (on consultative selling) called Selling to the VP and is currently working on a book for O’Reilly media Sunni Brown called The Visual Thinking Playbook, which is due out in January of 2010.

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Kim Goodwin on designing a Unified User Experience- integrating Interaction, Visual & Industrial design

Kim Goodwin talks about integration of the three distinct disciplines- interaction design, visual design, and industrial design. All three must work in concert, or the product that evolves from it will fail to satisfy. Integration of the three disciplines is a central theme of Kim’s new book, Designing for the Digital Age: How to Create Human-Centered Products and Services.

About Kim Goodwin

Kim Goodwin is VP Design & Genral Manager at Cooper. Kim ensures that the company is planning for the future and that current operations are on track. Her design expertise and teaching skill have made her popular as a speaker at conferences around the world. Kim has led a wide range of design projects, from e-commerce sites to information appliances, IP telephony systems, and complex healthcare applications.

Great Moleskine Alternatives You Can Buy in India

Are Moleskines available in India? I am not sure. I definitely haven’t spotted them around. Any how, with fantastic notebook alternatives available that are much cheaper, of good quality and very likable, you won’t miss Moleskines at all.

Here’s a list of notebook alternatives you should find handy (yes, there’s just one item right now, but the list will grow as I come across good notebooks. Let me know if you can add to this list, drop a comment).

1. Rubberband Notebooks

(file size: 110 kb)

Available at

Note: For addresses and contact details of stores in these cities, go to the website and you’ll find them under ‘Stores’.
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Calicut, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Pune, Salem, Secunderabad
Noida- Odyssey, No: 240, 2nd floor, Great India Place, Sector 28A, Noida: 210301, Tel: +91 120 4349 581/ 582 (I first saw these here).


Rubberband Products

Contact Details

Telephone: +91 22 6451 2478, +91 22 2354 1861

Advice for Rubberband

In case you come across this post, this advice is for you. I wouldn’t have bothered giving it but I think you have some nice products and I would definitely like to see them being bought more.

Your website is a stand alone Flash website. It looks pleasant and is well done from a visual design point of view. However, at current, poor SEO, SEM and a number of usability issues are seriously cutting through using the website as a channel to create awareness of and sell your product. A web strategy that addresses these issues amongst others will help you use the web to increase sales which it currently doesn’t seem to be doing very well.

2. Brahma Books

Available at

(If you know, drop a comment so I can fill this in)


Brahma books Facebook page

Contact Details

Telephone: +919818503278

Buy Moleskine in India

If you still want to buy Moleskine in India, here is where you can order it from Flipkart beginning a little over Rs. 500.