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Solution to query_posts(‘orderby=rand’) not working in WordPress

I had been wondering for a few months by now; why was it that I was able to display random posts in my downloads widget on my local server but not on the live site?

I was using <?php query_posts('orderby=rand'); ?> to do the job. The downloads widget on my website was supposed to display one random post from the download section and did so fine on the local server. But on my live site, instead of displaying a random post, it’d simply default to displaying the most recent post.

I did all I could and tried everything people suggested until I finally discovered, quite by accident, that it was the WP Sticky plugin that was causing the problem . I disabled the plugin and &rand began to work just fine on my live site! I was able to display random download posts just as I wanted to.

So, if you’ve tried everything possible under the sun to randomize your posts using <?php query_posts('orderby=rand'); ?>, and you use WP Sticky, then try disabling the plugin and check whether it makes your randomize post issue disappear.

Let me know if this this help you out too.

jQuery Masked Input Plugin- Increase usability, input masks for text fields

The jQuery masked input plugin lets you improve the form filling experience by providing an elegant solution to inputting data for fields such as date and telephone number, etc. Use a single text box with built in formatting cues and achieve effective error prevention instead of using the usual combination of dropdowns or a calendar date picker.

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Bar Camp Delhi 6 at MDI Institute, Gurgaon- 28 Feb, 1 March

Bar Camp Delhi 6 will be held during

28 February to 1 March 2009 from 9 am to 5 pm

Management Development Institute
Mehrauli Road, Sukhrali
Gurgaon – 122007

Tel: +91.124.2349831-36, 4013050-59

I will hopefully be giving a presentation on Tips for Effective Usability Testing in India.

I gave the presentation on

Solution to the Camtasia Studio flickering cursor issue

To prevent the cursor from flickering during recording, open Camtasia Recorder, go to Tools > Options and deselect the ‘Capture layered windows’ checkbox.

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How does Adobe benefit from the free user feedback at

Adobe can use some free user feedback at without spending a penny. They might have to trudge through some ambiguous feedback, but none the less:
1) It’s a great place in addition to their own communities to get interesting feature requests.
2) It’s a good place to pick up ideas and feedback. They can then validate the case or concern within their own strong user community.

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Issue with exporting multiple page click-through HTML prototype in Adobe Fireworks?

Solution Summary:
Simply deselect the ‘‘Current page only’ check box in the Export dialog window to export all pages of your Fireworks built click-through prototype.

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Usability Spotter #3: Impact Mozilla- Incorrect button placement & Voter dropouts

Impact Mozilla’s present goal (now that they have finished shortlisting 10 finalists) is to get as many users as possible to vote and select the best marketing plan that will help them increase Firefox retention rates.

Unfortunately, the placement of a ‘Go Back’ button, on the page that the users cast their vote, will lead to an unnecessary number of users dropping out of website without casting their vote.

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Cone Trees on AllTop User Interface- home to top UI news

Featured in Alltop

Cone Trees is now featured along with other fabulous websites on user interface design at AllTop’s User Interface category.
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Only 4% of the World Wide Web Web standards compliant in 2008

Opera used MAMA— their ‘Metadata Analysis and Mining Application’ to trawl the web and returns results detailing page structures, including what HTML, CSS, and script is used on it, as well as whether the HTML validates.

For example, it found out that only 4.13% of all sites on the World Wide Web are web standards compliant (January 2008). This is less than double the number of sites on the World Wide Web that validated for web standards in 2006

Read the key findings report: MAMA key findings

What’s your opinion on the number of sites that validate for web standards at the moment? Was it surprising or just insightful? Or was the percentage close to around what you expected it might be?

The New Delhi UX Book Club

Logo for the New Delhi UX Book Club

Join the New Delhi UX Book Club

If you live in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon and work in the User Experience domain, whether you’re a usability engineer, interaction designer, information architect, visual designer or a front end developer, we welcome you to be a part of the New Delhi UX Book Club. Feel free to add your name to the participant list at the New Delhi UX Book Club page and once we’re a decent size, we will get in touch to take it further.
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