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jQuery Masked Input Plugin- Increase usability, input masks for text fields

The jQuery masked input plugin lets you improve the form filling experience by providing an elegant solution to inputting data for fields such as date and telephone number, etc. Use a single text box with built in formatting cues and achieve effective error prevention instead of using the usual combination of dropdowns or a calendar date picker.

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Alternate color for list items

Andy Brudthkuhl and TJ show how to create a list with alternate colored items using JavaScript

Solution to IE dropdown width issue

Peter Frueh of AjaxProgrammer shows how to solve the IE dropdown width issue by dynamically managing the IE dropdown width.

Problem is that it changes the width of the whole dropdown box rather than just the selected menu item, so it’s not very usable as it could and in most cases would screw up the layout.

Heard of a good solution that manages the IE dropdown the way Firefox and other browsers do? In case yes, drop a comment and let me know

All solutions to PNG 24 bit transparency rendering issue in Internet Explorer (IE) in one place

Now we all know that IE, apart from a thousand other reasons sucks at rendering 24 bit png transparency as well.

There are quite a few solutions to kill the problem, each has it’s pro’s and con’s. I thought it might be in everybody’s intrest that I compile them down here along with what problems each of them might have. I’m a little busy at the moment so i’ll complete this post later in a day. Here’s what I can comment upon for now. – php solution works on php files only – javascript solution that works on inline images, not background images – javascript solution that works on inline images, not background images – the best possible solution which is a modified version of sleight and also a kb less in size (sleight is 2kb) – I don’t though this works with background images either though am not sure. If you’ve tried it, let me know by dropping a comment. – Uses a behaviour to tackle the problem. However, again nly works with inline images. The behaviour also uses a blank gif. Quite a hassle if you ask me. Might add accessibility problems?