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Only 4% of the World Wide Web Web standards compliant in 2008

Opera used MAMA— their ‘Metadata Analysis and Mining Application’ to trawl the web and returns results detailing page structures, including what HTML, CSS, and script is used on it, as well as whether the HTML validates.

For example, it found out that only 4.13% of all sites on the World Wide Web are web standards compliant (January 2008). This is less than double the number of sites on the World Wide Web that validated for web standards in 2006

Read the key findings report: MAMA key findings

What’s your opinion on the number of sites that validate for web standards at the moment? Was it surprising or just insightful? Or was the percentage close to around what you expected it might be?

The architecture of the World Wide Web

Something I refer to colleagues to have a look at all the time:

The architecture of the World Wide Web

Indian Flight Travel Search Engine – Ixigo

Aggregates travel information and makes it searchable. Nice!

Ixigo- Indian Flight Travel Search Engine

A well executed Flash website- FiveStone

Five Stone website snapshot

FiveStone Flash website. Loads quick and looks fresh. Very well done.

Delhi’s Computer/ IT shopping hub- Nehru Place website

Nehru Place is Asia’s biggest IT hub with an estimated daily turnover of Rs. 10 crore which is continually growing? I found this out in the website’s FAQ’s section. Another useful link is the buyer’s guide (pretty outdated) in case you’re a little confused about what to buy.

Nehru Place website

There’s a lot and lot of room for improvement for the website but none the less, its still useful. You can check prices of hardware and software and get details of various vendors here and decide what to buy before you actually go there to make a purchase.

Dreams and realisation

Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch.

Tim Berners Less, Inventor, The World Wide Web

Spam and Beating Captchas

Catptcha is the small image you have to look at and type in when you’re leaving a comment at someone’s blog. This prevents bots from doing what we humans don’t want them to do- add spam.

Captcha’s are a good solution for dealing with spam (accessibility is a consideration if you don’t have an audio message as an alternate to reading the Captcha image). But did you know that they are getting beaten by Jitendra Malik & Greg Moriand, PWNtcha, OCR Research Teamand Brains-n-Brawn to name a few, all utilizing OCR techniques?

A Search Engine for Developers- Krugle

What they say?

I was looking for a MIME parser and searched ‘MIME parser’ selected C# and found a whole project about communicating with POP3 accounts, downloading mails, and extracting attachments. This simplified my life enormously. Plus, it gave me time to throw an office BBQ. Thanks Krugle.

Find and review source code fast.
Find projects and technical stuff.
Save, annotate and share results.

Rules for registration of .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, .org, and .pro names

These un-sponsored top-level domains are open and unrestricted. Traditionally, however, most names are intended or reserved for specific use, as listed below.

  • The .biz domain, operated by NeuLevel, Inc., is restricted to businesses.
  • The .com domain, operated by VeriSign Global Registry Services, is a generic top-level domain originally intended for commercial businesses around the world.
  • The .info domain, operated by Afilias Limited, is an unrestricted domain for websites containing information about you, your organization, your products or any other information you’d like to make available to a global audience.
  • The .name domain, operated by Global Name Registry, is reserved for individuals.
  • The .net domain, operated by VeriSign Global Registry Services, is a generic top-level domain used by many types of organizations and individuals globally; it was historically intended for and is still commonly used by Internet service providers.
  • The .org domain, operated by Public Interest Registry, is unrestricted, but was intended to serve the noncommercial community.
  • The .pro domain, operated by RegistryPro, is restricted to certified professionals and related entities.

Intellectual Property Resource

The WIPO- World Intellectual Property Organisation website for getting answers on intellectual property questions.