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Information Architecture

Information Architecture

The best of Cone Trees for 2011

2011 has ended and has been a rather good year for me. I know I have not been writing this year, but work has kept me very occupied, and happy.

I left Delhi and moved to Singapore early in the year to join PebbleRoad and have since then had a great time working on a whole lot of digital strategy, user research, information architecture, mobile and social interaction design, usability testing and competitive evaluations for websites and intranets for both the government and corporations such as IE Singapore, Tourism Australia, Visa, SMU, Guiness, Singtel, DHL and more. And the projects went well, nothing like getting repeat proejcts from happy clients. Great team, great fun.

I plan to get back to writing again this year, so you can expect more articles on ConeTrees this year. It’s February already and it is a little late for new year greetings, none the less, I hope you have a wonderful 2012.

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Cone Trees on AllTop User Interface- home to top UI news

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The New Delhi UX Book Club

Logo for the New Delhi UX Book Club

Join the New Delhi UX Book Club

If you live in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon and work in the User Experience domain, whether you’re a usability engineer, interaction designer, information architect, visual designer or a front end developer, we welcome you to be a part of the New Delhi UX Book Club. Feel free to add your name to the participant list at the New Delhi UX Book Club page and once we’re a decent size, we will get in touch to take it further.
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A free web based Sitemap Creator/ Tool- WriteMaps

Create, edit, and share sitemaps online at Write Maps

WriteMaps is a free web-based tool that allows you to create, edit, and share sitemaps online. As a WriteMaps user, you and your team will be able to build and access your sitemaps from anywhere, without having to rely on proprietary desktop apps and static files. To get started, take the tour or sign-up for an account!

Enterprise Architecture with John Zachman, 2007- Delhi, Bangalore, Pune

There’s a one-day program by John Zachman, said inventor of Enterprise Architecture
on 10 December, Bangalore, 12 December, Delhi and 14 December, Pune. The program will focus on how to manage change & complexity with enterprise architecture.

Zachman framework is de facto standard for Enterprise Architecture & it has been applied in Global 2000 companies such as Volkswagen, Swisscom mobile, General Motors, Sprint, Bank of America, Ford , Health Canada & many other companies.

Major topics covered in the conference include:

  1. Modern Enterprise & its dependency on Information Systems Architecture
  2. The Framework for Enterprise Architecture and Information Systems Architecture
  3. Enterprise Engineering Design Objectives
  4. Enterprise Architecture: Implementation Practicalities
  5. Architecture Methodologies
  6. Enterprise Architecture Management
  7. Guidelines For An Action Plan

Details for Enterprise Architecture ’07

Online diagramming/ wireframe tool- Gliffy

  • Diagramming in your web browser without downloading additional software
  • Desktop application feel in a web-based diagramming solution
  • Add collaborators to your work and watch it grow
  • Link to published Gliffy drawings from your blog or wiki
  • Create many types of diagrams such as Flowcharts, UI wireframes, Floor plans, Network diagrams, UML diagrams, or any other simple drawing or diagram

Try for free. Draw and share diagrams on the web at

Core+Paths: A Design Framework for Findability, Prioritization and Value

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

This stuff is really cool. It’s got it all covered- rich diagrams, entity relationships, mind maps. Real awesome.

Link via Bipul at work.

Check out the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods.