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How to enter a password with a slash character in settings.php

If you’re want to the following characters in your password for the settings.php file in Drupal, you need to escape them.

  • : (colon, or operator). Escape using ‘%3a’
  • + (addition, plus). Escape using ‘%2b’
  • ? (question mark). Escape using ‘%3f’
  • / (slash, forward slash). Escape using ‘%2f’
  • @ (at the rate). Escape using ‘%40’
  • ( (round bracket). Escape using ‘= %28’
  • ) (round bracket). Escape using ‘%29’
  • = (equal to). Escape using ‘%3d’
  • & (ampersand, and operator). Escape using ‘%26’

Drupal: How to enable Clean URL’s if using localhost

If you can’t enable clean URL’s in Drupal when set up locally, chances are that mod rewrite is disabled. All you have to do is uncomment a line in your httpd.conf file in order to enable mod rewrite disabled. If you’re using XAMPP, it’s located at xampp\apache\conf.

Open the file in notepad or a text editor of your choice and search for the following line:
#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

Uncomment it by getting rid of the #.

Restart Apache and you should be able to enable clean URL’s now. In case you can’t, drop a a comment and I’ll be glad to help out.