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Usability Testing

Usability Testing

When Introducing UCD in an Organinzation, Technical Capability is Only Half the Story

Summary This article is a reproduction of my chapter in the book, UX Storytellers- Connecting the dots, edited by Jan Jursa of IATV. You can download it for free or get it for the Kindle at Amazon. Other contributing authors include Deborah Mayhew (author of Cost-Justifying Usability), Aaron Marcus (author of The Cross-GUI Handbook for […]

The Difference Between a Heuristic Evaluation and an Expert Review

Heuristic evaluations and expert review have the same goal- to evaluate the usability of the product. While the goal of these usability evaluation methods is the same, the methods are different.

It is common to hear people people using these terms interchangeably. An expert review is termed as a heuristic evaluation when in actuality the evaluators evaluated the usability of the product referring to their own knowledge of right and wrong rather than explicitly referencing against a set of heuristics.

This article explains the difference between a Heuristic Evaluation and an Expert Review and tells you when to apply which method.

Tips for effective DIY Participant Recruitment for Usability Testing

In this article also published at Usability News, I provide you with some tips to help begin finding usability test participants successfully on you own, in case you are not using the services of a professional recruitment agency or do not have an internal recruitment team that can help you acquire participants for usability tests.