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Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Is SalesForce Communities’ Auto-Tagging Right for You? Or Should You Use a Controlled Vocabulary Instead?

Summary This article explores whether or not SalesForce Communities’ automatic tagging is right for your forum or not by looking at what your goals are, user behaviour towards tagging and the algorithm’s intelligence. What is SalesForce Communities’ auto-tagging When a user posts on a forum (known as ‘discussions’ in SalesForce communities), they have the option to manually add tags. […]

When Introducing UCD in an Organinzation, Technical Capability is Only Half the Story

Summary This article is a reproduction of my chapter in the book, UX Storytellers- Connecting the dots, edited by Jan Jursa of IATV. You can download it for free or get it for the Kindle at Amazon. Other contributing authors include Deborah Mayhew (author of Cost-Justifying Usability), Aaron Marcus (author of The Cross-GUI Handbook for […]