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Geoff Boynton on Visual Attention – Part I

In this interview, Dr. Geoff Boynton from the University of Washington talks about the neural basis of visual attention. In the first segment, he outlines the changes in our understanding how attention modulates neural processing and some of his own experiments in this area.

The User Experience (UX) Process

Status: Work in progress (what is this?) Working over the past 8 years in user experience, I have noticed the lack of truly descriptive process diagrams for the generic UX process. Either the stages are serial and non-iterative, which is not actually anywhere near true (since stages overlap with each other), or they are shown […]

Improving Interface Design

Presentation from a half-day workshop on interface design from WebVisions 2007.

Revealing Design Treasures of

On its surface, just seems like a large e-commerce site, albeit a successful one. Its design isn’t flashy, nor is it much to write home about. But deep within its pages are hidden secrets — secrets that every designer should know about. If one looks closely at what the team at Amazon has built, […]

Modeling the Mobile User Experience

A presentation by Bryan Rieger of Yiibu on Modeling the Mobile User Experience.

Wireframes for the Wicked

Three experienced designers share their tried and true tips for making wireframes really work. They talk about how to sketch a wireframe on the fly to demonstrate an idea and how to create a standalone wireframe deliverable; when to show a concept and when to describe nitty-gritty detail; how to make a narrative wireframe and […]

How to make Jetpack Publicize Work with WP Job Manager Job Listings

It can be extremely disappointing when you get your job site up using WP Job Manager and you find out that the WordPress plugin module, JetPack Publicize does not work with the custom post type- Job listing. I obviously looked to the plugin support page for help and asked this on the forum. Mike Jolley, […]

My Work: Standard Chartered Bank, UAE wins World’s Best Consumer Internet Bank Award 2013 for UAE

At Possible, as the UX lead for the Standard Chartered Global Revamp project, I planned, coordinated and executed user research, information architecture, content strategy and interaction design activities to create a unified information architecture and interaction design strategy and implemented it for Standard Chartered’s country websites across the globe both for desktop and mobile. I […]

Guidelines for Aligning Data in Tables for Great Table Usability

Status: Work in progress (what is this?) I have had the privilege to work across the User-Centered Design (UCD) process on banking websites and web applications such as Business Information Systems (BIS) and Management Information Systems (MIS). All of these are obviously data-intensive and it is crucial that data representation in both table and graphical […]

Working With Globally Distributed Teams or Clients: Tips for Effective Audio Conferences

Status: Work in progress (what is this?) Besides having worked in multicultural offices, I’ve worked with clients and internal teams located across the globe. Here are a few simple tips that you will find useful for participating and conducting audio conferences effectively. This is work in progress so feel free to comment and add your […]