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Future Healthcare Concepts

Here are two human-centered healthcare concepts I have come up with and imagine will be true in the future where technology and service design are applied to not only make the health care experience invisible (concept 1) but fun and way beyond simply retaining the human element (concept 2).

Concept 1: The Phone of the Future- [...]

RIP Bill Boddgride of IDEO (1943-2012)

I am saddened to say that Bill Moggridge, co-founder of IDEO, designer of the first laptop, author of the book ‘Designing Interactions‘, important role player in promoting the human-centered approach in design passed away last month on September 8, 2012. May his soul rest in peace.

When Introducing UCD in an Organinzation, Technical Capability is Only Half the Story

This article is a reproduction of my chapter in the book, UX Storytellers- Connecting the dots, edited by Jan Jursa of IATV. You can download it for free or get it for the Kindle at Amazon. Other contributing authors include Deborah Mayhew (author of Cost-Justifying Usability), Aaron Marcus (author of The Cross-GUI Handbook for Multiplatform [...]

The Difference Between a Heuristic Evaluation and an Expert Review

Heuristic evaluations and expert review have the same goal- to evaluate the usability of the product. While the goal of these usability evaluation methods is the same, the methods are different.

It is common to hear people people using these terms interchangeably. An expert review is termed as a heuristic evaluation when in actuality the evaluators evaluated the usability of the product referring to their own knowledge of right and wrong rather than explicitly referencing against a set of heuristics.

This article explains the difference between a Heuristic Evaluation and an Expert Review and tells you when to apply which method.

Runne(a)r phones- if you run, you need one (earphone mounted rotary knob volume control)

This is a product idea I have submitted on Quirky targeted at runners.
Changing the music volume (because of traffic, changing environmental noise) while running is always a hassle. Well, not any more, Runne(a)rphone’s here.
Vote here: (if you like it, and tell your friends about it too)

The Problem
This product is a solution [...]

Karen McGrane on Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content

This is a fantastic presentation on NPR’s COPE concept- create once, publish everywhere. Karen asks the right questions- why are we still letting content authors plan for where their content will live on a web page? Why do we waste time and money creating and recreating content instead of planning for content reuse? [...]

The best of Cone Trees for 2011

2011 has ended and has been a rather good year for me. I know I have not been writing this year, but work has kept me very occupied, and happy.
I left Delhi and moved to Singapore early in the year to join PebbleRoad and have since then had a great time working on a [...]

Videos from UX Week 2011

You can watch most of the videos from UX 2011 which took place in San Francisco from August 23 to 26, 2011. UX Week 2011 was organised by Adaptive Path.
Chris van der Walt & P.J. Onori of HunchWorks on Applying Human-centric Design to Complex Global Problems

Mark Trammell & Jesse James Garrett on Creating Engagement on [...]

Rajat Paharia on Influencing User Behaviour through Game Dynamics

Rajat talks about how designers can address fundamental human needs and desires (like status, achievement, reward, competition, self-expression) to make experiences both compelling and satisfying.
He talks about how game designers have known for years on how to incentivise and motivate players by addressing these needs through the use of mechanics like points, levels, leaderboards, [...]

A Social Media ROI Examples Video Infographic

If you need to get your stakeholders thinking about taking their first step (or their next step- from unplanned to get thinking and developing a strategy) in social media, then you will find this video helpful in collecting examples and data points that show how organizations have benefited from social media.
Being a video infographic, [...]