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Is SalesForce Communities’ Auto-Tagging Right for You? Or Should You Use a Controlled Vocabulary Instead?

Summary This article explores whether or not SalesForce Communities’ automatic tagging is right for your forum or not by looking at what your goals are, user behaviour towards tagging and the algorithm’s intelligence. What is SalesForce Communities’ auto-tagging When a user posts on a forum (known as ‘discussions’ in SalesForce communities), they have the option to manually add tags. […]

The UX of Data Visualization

In this presentation at Smart Data 2016, the speaker Peter Rozek shares his understanding of a quick history of data vizualization, what the user experience of data visuzliazation should be, and how to make your data beatiful.

Behavior is our Medium

In this talk from 2010, the presenter talks about interaction design as a practice beyond just computing technology. He gives examples of interaction design as far back as ancient history, all the way to a humanitarian project underway today. He shows that interaction design’s primary medium is behavior, extending far past the high technology world into […]

Leveraging Social Technologies for E-Commerce

Ecommerce & the Social Web- Why it matters and what you can do.

UX and the City – An Introduction to User Experience Design in the Financial Services Industry

The presenter talks about: working as a UX professional in the financial services industry the trading floor work environment and its impact on UX work UX design considerations

User Centered Design 101

Is User Centered Design a buzzword, a technique, or a methodology? Why does “UCD” get so much attention? How has it changed how teams approach web application usability efforts? Is UCD right for you? The presentation consists of the following topics: User Centered Design: Evolving from Dot-Com to Web 2.0 Why UCD? (Development, Business, Design […]

Human Factors in Computer Science

Jesun Hwang talks about human factors in computer science during the Penn State National Ergonomics Month.

Culture vs. Usability in Enterprise Applications

Different cultures create different expectations in humans from that culture. This requires designing systems in a way that satisfy different cultures.

Human Factors in Healthcare

Monifa Vaughn-Cooke present on human factors in healthcare during the Penn State National Ergonomics Month.

Social Spaces: Lessons from Radical Architects

While Information Architecture took its name from architecture, it took very little else. This is not surprising, as the early days of the web were about making sites that supported the interaction between people and data. The obvious model back then was a library; a library is a space for humans to receive knowledge. But […]