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Guidelines for Sending Screenshots of Web Application and Website Pages for Usability Reviews

Status: Work in progress (what is this?)

Whether it is your clients or development team, it’s important to explicitly specify screenshot requirements rather than assuming the other party to provide screenshots in the right way. This ensures an efficient usability review that is not unnecessarily impacted by files being sent and resent all the time.

  1. Send screenshots of the full webpage. Use an application like Greenshot (freeware, IE) or FireShot (free 30 day trial) for this purpose. This enables better review of the page rather than it being reviewed as separate images.
  2. Send images in PNG format. The biggest issue that occurs when screenshots are not sent in a lossless format is that colors are not true to the actual screenshot because of lossy file compression. This reduces the accuracy of UI issues filed for color specifications.
  3. Send screenshots of web pages at a 100%. Don’t try and fit the entire length of the page in one screen because the image is and colors distort.