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A New Cone Trees Communication Style

Status: Work in progress


I’d like to announce a change in my communication style for Cone Trees. It’s probably something that does not exist at the moment, not that I am aware of.

I’ve been busy with work and writing music and spending time with loved ones which has had me writing a lot less frequently as I did on Cone Trees. At the same time, there is so much knowledge for me to share with the UX community to help you work better. This is what prompted me to create a new communication style.

I call it Lean Collaborative Communication

The change is going to be me posting incomplete posts on topics that I will complete over time. The incomplete posts will none the less offer valuable information to you, the UX industry practitioner.

What is the advantage of this? Let me give you an analogy from the music industry, since I am an electronic music artist myself. Musician many a times choose to release singles instead of an album. This ways they get to publish music works quicker rather than having to wait a longer time before people can hear their music.

So these incomplete posts will offer you valuable nuggets of information. I will also be posting so much more frequently. As long as the post is incomplete, it will indicate it is under the post title. In true Lean Collaborative Communication spirit, I am currently marking this post as ‘incomplete’ too.

So that’s the lean part of it, what’s the collaborative part? Well, as long as the post is in ‘incomplete’ state, I will add readers comments that add to the value of the post. These comments will be integrated into the post, crediting the person commenting of course.

So there you have it. This communication style I’ve created is something that will let me post a lot more often and use the community’s engagement so that we together can offer even more value to those who read these posts.

There’s more to write and detail out, but I’ll add on to this post later.

I want to know what you think. Let me know by commenting below.