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Rob Tanen on Tools for User Research

Rob Tanen begins to talk about how user researchers have historically lacked appropriate technology for studying how people use technology and the emergence of a variety of tools that can be applied to data gathering, analysis and sharing. He talks about the need for awareness and guidance in the selection and use of such research technologies.

Tanen goes on to talk about the basic characteristics of effective user research tools: documentation, measurement, efficiency and enhancement, data on current usage of various technologies for data gathering, analysis and presentation, demonstrations and tips on the latest technological tools for conducting user research, including high-speed digital video and pen computing and concept designs of future user research tools.

About Rob Tanen

Rob Tanen is Director of Research at Bresslergroup, a product design and development firm. Rob has over 15 years experience applying product/interface usability in the medical, industrial, commercial and consumer fields.

Rob is creator and editor of DesigningforHumans, the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) blog focusing on events, methods and technology related to user research. Rob has a BA in Cognitive Science from Vassar College, and MA and PhD degrees in Human Factors/Experimental Psychology from the University of Cincinnati.

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