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Great Moleskine Alternatives You Can Buy in India

Are Moleskines available in India? I am not sure. I definitely haven’t spotted them around. Any how, with fantastic notebook alternatives available that are much cheaper, of good quality and very likable, you won’t miss Moleskines at all.

Here’s a list of notebook alternatives you should find handy (yes, there’s just one item right now, but the list will grow as I come across good notebooks. Let me know if you can add to this list, drop a comment).

1. Rubberband Notebooks

(file size: 110 kb)

Available at

Note: For addresses and contact details of stores in these cities, go to the website and you’ll find them under ‘Stores’.
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Calicut, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Pune, Salem, Secunderabad
Noida- Odyssey, No: 240, 2nd floor, Great India Place, Sector 28A, Noida: 210301, Tel: +91 120 4349 581/ 582 (I first saw these here).


Rubberband Products

Contact Details

Telephone: +91 22 6451 2478, +91 22 2354 1861

Advice for Rubberband

In case you come across this post, this advice is for you. I wouldn’t have bothered giving it but I think you have some nice products and I would definitely like to see them being bought more.

Your website is a stand alone Flash website. It looks pleasant and is well done from a visual design point of view. However, at current, poor SEO, SEM and a number of usability issues are seriously cutting through using the website as a channel to create awareness of and sell your product. A web strategy that addresses these issues amongst others will help you use the web to increase sales which it currently doesn’t seem to be doing very well.

2. Brahma Books

Available at

(If you know, drop a comment so I can fill this in)


Brahma books Facebook page

Contact Details

Telephone: +919818503278

Buy Moleskine in India

If you still want to buy Moleskine in India, here is where you can order it from Flipkart beginning a little over Rs. 500.

  • Hi. I started Rubberband-keep it together along with Maithili Shah. I just came across your blog-link regarding the products.
    Firstly I thank you for mentioning us.
    Secondly you are right-our website does need a revisit. We have been considering e-selling and are presently trying to work towards this.
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    best regards,


  • Good to have you drop by Ajay. I like RB-02/A5/RBR- Plain. My advice for your website would be to convert it from a standalone Flash website to an XHTML website if you want for usability and search engine optimization benefits, and this means more conversions for you.

  • We Four

    Rubberband Products Now available in Gurgaon, at ‘We Four’ – Authorised Distributors for ‘Rubberband-keep it together’.

    Contact Details – 95124-4040139
    Email Id –

  • Hey now you can follow Rubberband Products on Facebook and Twitter


    It would be great to have a fan like on our official fan page and hear from you your experiences. And also you can get to see exclusive product launches, offers and even win exciting Rubberband gifts.And while you are there do tell us what excites you about Rubberband Products.

  • Kartik

    Moleskine products are available at the Landmark Store in Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai. I believe they are the only persons in India who have it.

  • Shazz

    I have been going nuts looking for Moleskines in India. Guess I’ll check out the rubberband stuff now. Thanks for this post.. 🙂

  • Now Moleskin available at William Penn, where you can find all kind of Moleskin accessories.

  • karuna

    I found an excellent alternative to Moleskine in India, Brahma Books.

    While Moleskine is available at William Penn stores and landmark it retails at Rs. 1000. This is double the rate at which it is available abroad, $10 to $12. The other books out there are nice but sorely lacking in paper quality and that defeats the purpose of a good drawing/writing books.

    The Brahma Books all use acid free paper of excellent quality. They have 2 lines, an Amateur line which uses excellent Acid free paper and a Professional Line. The professional line is far superior to Moleskine as they use the best drawing papers in the world including BFK Reeves, Fabriano, Canson among others. Moleskine uses chinese paper.

    The design of the Brahma Books seems similar to Moleskine. Also they dont have plastic covers like some of the other books on the market as Plastic is not biodegradable or eco friendly. I’ve enjoyed working on these. I bought mine at a stationary store in Delhi.

    Here is an online link:

  • karuna, thanks for the info. I’ve added the details to the post.

  • karuna

    Your welcome Abhay, I am not sure where to buy them but Brahma posted some photos online which i found through their facebook page…very interesting:

  • ro

    I’ve seen Brahma notebooks at the Sitaram Stationary Mall (yes, you read that right, it’s a mall, quite literally) at Lajpat Nagar. It is one of the best stocked art stores in Delhi

  • Sitaraman Swaminatha

    I have ordered my first set of Moleskines from Flipkart. Good thing that prices at Flipkart are somewhat less when compared with Amazon and 20North. I would be interested to know if Rubberband note books are available at Chennai. Kly do inform me. And if prices are less then I can switch over from Moleskines.

  • Sanjay Iyer

    Rubberband notebooks are also available on Flipkart. Easier to order than from the Rubberband website. Same prices.

    Try Zequenz books – beautiful paper & overall design & quality. Available on Flipkart.


  • Ahmed

    All you people have one more better than rubberband & moleskine and the name is ‘pied paper note books’ manufactured in mumbai india by happyness now. And the price is the best against quality. I love this note books. Try it and you will forget others.

  • Daniel Fernandez

    Dear Abhay,

    Thanks for putting up this info about notebooks. I have been a huge fan of having a notebook handy for jotting those random thoughts we have in transit lounges.

    I recently bought some Rubberband products from Starmark in Kolkata and took them with me to Tajikistan. I was impressed with the quality as I purchased my last few notebooks in Empik Stores in Warsaw, Central Europe. The Rubberband notebooks had great quality and were a big hit with the local population and I had to gift all my notebooks to my staff and colleagues.

    Now I am back in Kolkata and I will be looking for new stock from RBP. I will check out the Bramhabooks and Moleskines too but I am not one for paying more than what is necessary. I see no reason for MS to overcharge us here in India.

    Thank you once again,