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Download Axure Touch Screen Hand Gestures Stencils

Axure touch screen gestures stencils

There are a bunch of touch screen hand gesture stencils available at Kicker Studio for OmniGraffle, Illustrator CS3, Photoshop, Visio, Fireworks (there’s an SVG file as well).

I went ahead and created Axure stencils to add to the variety of formats available there. The Axure touch screen hand gesture stencils are available in Axure widget library (.rplib) and project file (.rp). You’ll find all the hand gestures in two sizes- regular and large.

Gestures covered, as in all other formats are:

  1. Tap
  2. Tap & hold
  3. Slide
  4. Drag
  5. Pinch
  6. Spread
  7. Nudge
  8. Flick


Touch screen hand gestures stencils- Axure Widget Library file (.rp) (15078 downloads)
Touch screen hand gestures stencils- Axure Widget Library file (.rplib) (34016 downloads)

  • These gestures are fantastic and prove to be of tremendous value, especially when showing interactive flows and processes. Well done.

  • ilowelife

    Thanks for sharing these. An excellent addition to my Axure toolkit

  • Brett & ilowelife: You’re welcome

  • I really appreciate you making available this library to everybody, but the way this is done is almost unhelpful. The gestures are set on a white background, meaning that you can’t really use the hand icons on an actual wireframe. I’ll fix it and make it available in the next two or three days.

  • Luca, don’t bother spending a few days, the transparent version will be up soon is up now. Thanks for notifying me about it.

  • Thanks for doing this, I really appreciate you sharing this fantastic library.

  • You’re welcome Luca.

  • Melody

    These are great! But sadly, I can’t seem to download… getting page not found error?

  • Melody, try again. It should work now.

  • Tv

    Thanks for sharing, and yes melody, its working..

  • Wang Dafa

    Its good!!!

  • Jeff Kraemer

    Thanks very much for these; they look great. I’m looking forward to giving them a spin.

  • yuwenhui

    Thanks your share~~~
    hope more communicate with you~ 🙂

  • You’re all very welcome.

  • Simon

    How can i import the library.. there are only a lot of folders after unzip.. no rplib file found..

  • Rodrigo

    Work for macosx ?

  • Axel

    Same problem here on MacOS : file’s extension is zip, and I get a weird folder after unzip.

  • ciaran

    There are no rplib. files in the folder? Also links to downloads don’t work?

  • Anders Ekkje Sletteb

    I have the same problem as Simon. The zip doesn’t contain any rplib files.

  • AlexDong


  • Anders, et al/ mac users, rejoice. You can download the files without any problems now.

    For those interested in knowing the reason for the issue and how I fixed it- here’s what was happening. It turns out that .rp is a compressed file format. When you open download my stencils and open it on a mac, it unzips both the zip AND the contents of the .rp file itself.

    How did I fix it? I placed the .rp and .rplib file in a folder and then zipped them up. I’ve tested them on my mac, they’re unzipping fine. If not, let me know.

  • Abhay, thanks for fixing these and for the quick email response.

    Another solution to this is to use Unarchiver for Mac. @Lorenbaxter pointed me to this and it unzipped your files correctly.

  • 很高兴来到这里学习,我也愿意分享