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Axure widgets for the user interface pattern- Clear input field value on focus

If you’ve been looking for them, here they are: Two Axure widgets (clear text on focus of text field & clear text on focus of text area) for the Input Prompt design pattern are available for download in Axure project file (.rp) and widget library (.rplib) format.

The following two Axure widgets are for the Input Prompt user interface pattern:

  • Clear text value on focus of Input Field
  • Clear text value on focus of Text Area

What is the Input Prompt UI pattern?

The Input Prompt UI pattern refers to using the input field text for communicating to the user what the label or hint text otherwise would. On focus of the input field (with the exception of a dropdown list), the text contained in the input field disappears.

When to use

The Input Prompt pattern is used to address the problem of space constraints where:

  1. The label for an input field can not be provided due to space limitations.
  2. The label for an input field is provided but hint text required to help with user entering information can not be provided for the input field due to space limitations.


  1. Makes use of input field space to communicate label or hint text.
  2. Higher probability of text being noticed by the user in comparison to label or hint text since it is placed within the input field itself rather than around it.


Text disappears upon focusing on the input field (solution- don’t clear text upon focus of input field). This isn’t a substantial issue when used in a text field since the text that can be used is only a few words. It is a considerable issue if the text consists of a few lines or more to be used as an example of what is to be filled into a text area. In this case, making hint text available is a good idea.

Demo the Clear Input Field Value on Focus Axure widgets

Demo (opens in new window, 105 kb)

Watch an example video

(File size:330 kb)

Download options

  1. You can download it as a widget library (.rplib) (downloaded 19153 times)
  2. You can download it as a project file (.rp) (downloaded 7740 times)
Creative Commons License
Axure Widgets for the User Interface Pattern: Clear Input Field Value onFocus/ Input Prompt by Abhay Rautela is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 India License.
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  • Dan

    These are exactly what I’m looking for – but, alas, the download links are broken. Can you help?

  • Dan, you should be able to download it now.

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