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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Monthly Archives: February 2009

Bar Camp Delhi 6 at MDI Institute, Gurgaon- 28 Feb, 1 March

What Bar Camp Delhi 6 will be held during When 28 February to 1 March 2009 from 9 am to 5 pm Where Management Development Institute Mehrauli Road, Sukhrali Gurgaon – 122007 Contact Tel: +91.124.2349831-36, 4013050-59 I will hopefully be giving a presentation on Tips for Effective Usability Testing in India. I gave the presentation […]

Stephen Palmer on Aesthetic Science: Understanding Preferences for Color and Spatial Composition

Stephen Palmer, Professor of Psychology & Cognitive Science, University of California, Berkeley, reports results from three projects that investigate people’s aesthetic responses to spatial and color composition. The results show that ‘aesthetic science’, a new and exciting topic within cognitive science, can help us increase our understanding on the nature of our appreciation of the […]

Tips for effective DIY Participant Recruitment for Usability Testing

In this article also published at Usability News, I provide you with some tips to help begin finding usability test participants successfully on you own, in case you are not using the services of a professional recruitment agency or do not have an internal recruitment team that can help you acquire participants for usability tests.

Solution to the Camtasia Studio flickering cursor issue

Summary To prevent the cursor from flickering during recording, open Camtasia Recorder, go to Tools > Options and deselect the ‘Capture layered windows’ checkbox.

Barry Schwartz talks about “The Paradox of Choice- Why Less is More”

More choice doesn’t necessarily mean better options or greater satisfaction. In fact, Barry Schwartz would like to suggest the opposite. Schwartz, an American psychologist talks about the abundance of choice in modern society, and why less choice is better than more and choice paralysis. The Paradox of Choice is a phenomenon extensively researched by experts […]


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Understanding Accessibility- Videos of users using Assistive Technology

There is no better way to understand the problems faced by specially abled users if you need to code website front end keeping accessibility in mind. Being passionate about web accessibility, I ended up as the creator and owner of the global accessibility distribution list (and the wiki node on accessibility) at Sapient besides having […]


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Your Free Minutes of Meeting (MOM) Template (Downloaded over 46000 times!)

If you’re looking for a professional and aesthetically designed minutes of meeting (MOM) template, you might like this MOM template thats available for download free in Microsoft Word Format (doc). Related Article: You may also find the article Guidelines for conducting Effective and Efficient Meetings useful if you are looking to set a meetings process […]

Guidelines for conducting Effective and Efficient Meetings

A simple process you can utilize for conducting effective and efficient meetings (where you work in a framework that aims at accomplishing the goal of the meeting and time is well utilized) at your organization. You can also find a link to download the MOM (minutes of meeting) template at the end of the article.