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Only 4% of the World Wide Web Web standards compliant in 2008

Opera used MAMA— their ‘Metadata Analysis and Mining Application’ to trawl the web and returns results detailing page structures, including what HTML, CSS, and script is used on it, as well as whether the HTML validates.

For example, it found out that only 4.13% of all sites on the World Wide Web are web standards compliant (January 2008). This is less than double the number of sites on the World Wide Web that validated for web standards in 2006

Read the key findings report: MAMA key findings

What’s your opinion on the number of sites that validate for web standards at the moment? Was it surprising or just insightful? Or was the percentage close to around what you expected it might be?

  • Josef Go-Oco

    I’m quite surprised by the number. But then again, even the website of the university I’m studying in has a really crappy website. Many people still design the tables way of things, still use the deprecated and disgusting font tag, etc. There are many websites which allow other people to easily make their own site and customize it, but the lack of proper promulgation of information regarding standards is just awry. It’s like writing sentences without regard for grammar and punctuation, among other things, which, I think, is very unfortunate.

  • Cone

    The number will definitely keep increasing, but will require constant effort from standardistas to continually keep educating all about the benefits about web standards, and those who are influenced need to be beyond individuals but decision makers as well, so we finally have more CMS’s, blogging softwares and other tools output standards compliant code, that a lot of people use for creating websites and blogs.