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Cone Trees on AllTop User Interface- home to top UI news

Featured in Alltop

Cone Trees is now featured along with other fabulous websites on user interface design at AllTop’s User Interface category.

If you still haven’t heard of AllTop, it’s Guy Kawasaki’s new venture- an ‘online magazine rack’ of popular topics. AllTop features websites with the best quality content divided into categories so readers can explore and collect stories from a concentration of all the top sites on the web. Stories are updated every hour. It features websites like Boxes and Arrows, UX Matters, A List Apart, Functioning Form & UIE Brain Sparks amongst many other websites that host great content.

And for all these reasons, it feels wonderful to know ConeTrees has been added to the AllTop User Interface feed.

You can display a widget on your website such as the one below to provide your readers with information if you like.

  • Josef Go-Oco

    Congratulations! As usual, I’ve been busy with my subjects lately. All the stress is making me prefer books than getting in front of the computer, especially because my computer is really clunky and slow.
    That aside, congratulations again, and please do continue posting. Happy holidays! 🙂

  • Cone

    Thanks for the good wishes Josef.

    Slow and clunky computers are inhumane. So is my office laptop. In comparison, books have zero boot time 😀

    Happy holidays to you too!