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g-speak: Minority Report Gesture based User Interface now Reality

What we see above is no longer something that’s can only be part of sci-fi movie. The g-speak spatial operating environment (SOE) is a new computing platform that has been developed by Oblong Industries. The platform on which multiple users can work at a time using interacting through the gesture based interface is optimized for largedata sets and time critical work.

As is mentioned on Oblong’s website:

…g-speak will fundamentally change the way people use machines at work, in the living room, in conference rooms, in vehicles… Its idiom of spatial immediacy and information responsive to real-world geometry enables a necessary new kind of work: data-intensive, embodied, real-time, predicated on universal human expertise.

Some of the SOE’s core ideas are already familiar from the film Minority Report, whose characters performed forensic analysis using massive, gesturally driven displays. The similarity is no coincidence: one of Oblong’s founders served as science advisor to Minority Report and based the design of those scenes directly on his earlier work at MIT. The g-speak platform braids development arcs begun in the early 1990s at MIT’s Media Laboratory, where Oblong’s principals produced radical user interface advances, distributed and networked language designs, and media manipulation technologies.

From academia; into popular cinema; and out broadly into the world as commercial product: it’s an unordinary path for technical thought and effort, but one — leading to g-speak — that seems now logical and even necessary. The people who work in Oblong’s Los Angeles and Barcelona laboratory offices are as concerned with design as with programming, with humanist principles as with running a company. Synthesizing these concerns is the only way to insure that the metamorphosis of human-computer interaction we offer the world will be one of beauty and durable worth.

What do you think if g-speak? Have you come across other cool stuff that was part of the movies but is pretty real now?