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How to fix the squished graph issue in Data Logger v 5.0

Bug where graph appears extremely squished in Data Logger version 5.0

Are you using data logger 5.0 and your performance charts look like the image above?

My heart beat skipped a beat when I was done testing with 6 participants in a certain usability test where we were looking at 20 users in all.

I earlier had noticed that graphs were squished thought it was probably a minor bug which had to do with missing data of participants I had included for calculation but who were yet to come participate, and hence the screwed up graphs.

However, this was not the case. The graphs remained squished even after I excluded participants, who were yet to participate, for data analysis.

Cursing under my breath about the painful job it would be put manually feed data into excel in case I couldn’t get the graphs to ‘unsquish’ themselves, I soon found the solution to the issue after a bit of twiddling around.


  1. Left-click a chart (the whole border) and select ‘Chart Type’ from the menu.
  2. Under the ‘Options’ fieldset below the ‘Chart type’ window, click on ‘Default Formatting’.
  3. You’re done.

What are the other issues you face with the data logger? Or improvements you would like to see in future releases?