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The A to Z of Logos

A to Z depicted with the first letter of memorable logos

I got 22 out of 26 right. How do you fare?

  • Soledad

    Whats the name of the logo with the Z?

  • I can’t answer your question Soledad. Z was one of the four I didn’t get. H, R and T- what are they?

  • alex

    Z is from Zurich
    H is from H&M
    T is from Texaco

  • Su

    Z is for zurich

  • Khalid

    What’s A?

  • Thanks Alex and Su . Kalid, A is for Adobe.

  • Jeroen

    what is B

  • Jeroen, ask any young girl and they’ll tell you this one- Barbie.

  • Romeo

    What is U?

  • Romeo

    And X?

  • Jenell

    What is F

  • ecullen1918

    What’s N O U and W?

  • Here you go ecullen:
    N= Nintendo 64
    O= Oakley
    U= Unilever
    W= Walkman

  • Zaraman

    F is for FILA
    X is for Xbox

  • iriacoma

    ooh and what’s C J V ?


  • @iriacoma

    C is for Coca-cola
    J is for Johnson and Johnson
    V is for Virgin

  • Deroc

    what’s E ,R,and W

  • An

    What is ‘S’

  • Lili

    Whats s.

  • dane

    what is S??

  • marjan

    what’s S?

  • Milli

    What is S?

  • Joselyn

    What is s

  • Frederik

    What is S?

  • Hedda


  • X for Xbox

  • F- Fila

  • Teiba

    Does anyone know what S is??

  • All, S is for Sega

  • lol

    what is k???

  • Fizzpopdiva

    The t is texaco and the h is hallmark.

  • marc

    Could somebody tell me what’s

  • Tanja

    What the red G ?

  • what is E???????????????????

  • Anonymous

    E = ebay
    G = google
    Q = quicktime
    W = walkman
    P = puma
    U = unilever
    K = kellogg’s
    M = MTV

  • lauren

    Whats a?

  • Allie

    What is q, v, and w??

  • Allie

    A is adobe

  • liznunez

    What is R
    ive looked for it everywhere but cannot find it