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How to do a printscreen (prt scr) on an HP laptop

This is exactly what I was wondering today while working on a new HP laptop today. How do you do a print screen? Because every time I click the ‘prt scr’ button (it’s shared with an ‘insert’ command), the ‘insert’ action is done.

So I eventually figured it out. Hit the ‘fn’ (function)button located next to the ‘ctrl’ (control) button on your keyboard along with the ‘prt scr’ button to take a screen shot successfully.

  • malibu

    I get the whole fn and control key deal. But my laptop doesnt have prt. Any suggestions?

  • Abhay (Cone Trees)

    What do you mean by ‘it doesn’t have prt scr’? What’s your laptop model?

  • Jess

    I’ve tried holding down the fn button and prt sc, didn’t work. All I got was my cursor to blink on the screen, but other than that, nothing happened. Help?

  • Abhay (Cone Trees)

    Happens sometimes. Restart your machine and you should be okay.

  • Clair

    Thanks, the “fn” and “prt scr” worked for me.

  • Ima

    Thanks…the ‘fn’ wit the prt scr worked for me.

  • Una

    Thanx this worked for me as well.

  • Clair, Ima, Una, glad it did.

  • Amanda

    Hit the fn button next to the control button on the left side of the key board plus your prt sc button on the top right hand side of the key board at the same time. The cursor with blink. Open up paint or word and paste to and open application of such type. Success! You printed the screen shot!

  • Khristina

    Thank you so much. That was very helpful!

  • silas willemstein

    thx alot bro

  • sb

    Thanks a lotttttt! I’ve been trying this thing and wondering what’s wrong but couldnt figured out.
    Just now got it. Thanks again..

  • Debopriya

    IT happy..thanx

  • Do you know I never knew this. This is really good.

  • dana