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The Delhi International Arts Festival (Dec 7- 23, 2007)

Delhi International Arts Festival logo

The Delhi International Arts Festival (DIAF) opens here in the capital, Delhi this Friday and entry to all events is free.

The first International Arts festival in India, you can expect some great visual and performing arts, films, poetry and food such as classical/ folk dance/ music/ art, theater besides performances by international artistes, a short film festival, western music, book releases, academic sessions, exhibitions and a ‘kavi sammelan’, a ‘mushaira’ and a poetry session, and a youth festival in different parts of the city.

While Sufi music event will see performances by the famous Wadali Brothers of Punjab and Warsi Brothers of Hyderabad, Indian classical dance festival will see a Kuchipudi performance by Raja and Radha Reddy.

Details on DIAF events and venue

  • Your feedback is really good. The venue and programme list will help me to view the whole schedule, thanks a lot to your active team.

  • Abhay (Cone Trees)

    Thanks for the compliment Viresh. I did not create the DIAF website how ever.

    I did blog though about it for the reason that there was no mention of the official DIAF website on any search engine result pages (SERP) a day on Google before the festival begun. Once I found out the DIAF website through the newspaper and considering its poor search engine optimization (SEO), I blogged about it with a link to the official DIAF website.

    This in turn, fortunately, got the DIAF post info on this blog show up in different SERP’s in a few hours time on page 1 and those who’d come by here would be able to get the link to the official DIAF website. Also, starting quality outbound linking to the DIAF website from here would help increase ranking for the official website itself.

    The official DIAF website comes up on the Google SERP in page 1 now.

  • this event seems to be very interesting and the logo of The Delhi International Arts Festival is very nice