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Blender- a powerful open source 3d content creation program

The Blender 3d workspace

I came to know about Blender this Friday while discussing open source with a coworker this Friday.

It has features comparable to high end 3d softwares such as Maya and 3dsMax which include an intuitive easy to use UI with a lot of keyboard shortcuts to speed up work, a particle system, GLSL shaders, HDR rendering, even a fluid simulator! You can use it with YafRay (yet another free raytracer) which allows for GI for photo realistic rendering.

I’m far from a good 3d artist but manage to work my way through what’s required while designing party fliers, posters and CD covers. Now that I’ve heard of Blender, I plan to move from 3dsMax and shift onto this powerful open source 3d program and hope I can learn it well to make the best of it. In case you have used Blender, plan to start using it, just have good relevant resources to share, or would like to share your experience with it, do drop a comment.

An image titled 'Young Lady' by Maciej Kotlinski made using Blender

Relevant links:
Blender website (The website uses the Typo3 open source CMS.)
YafRay (Yet another free raytracer)
Blender hotkey reference

Blender video tutorials
Blender 3D: Noob to ProNoob to Pro- a free book on Wikibooks