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BarCamp Delhi-3 (Saturday, December 8, 2007)

BarCamp Delhi 3 badge
BarCamp Delhi 3 badge

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Impetus Technologies

D-39/40, Sector- 59, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
(Yahoo! Maps,Google Maps)

Schedule (check BarCamp page for updates if any)
Log On – 9.30 am
Lunch Break – 1.30 pm (45 min)
Log Off – 5.30 pm

More details
BarCamp Delhi 3

The Impetus office also has a creche where you could baby-sit your kid! So having to take care of the young ones at home cannot be an excuse for not turning up at the event…

P.S: This is our conspiracy to “…catch em’ young…” and turn them into hard-core barcampers when they grow up…..

On a side note, I’m pretty zapped to see that we’re asking for creation of buttons/ banners without mentioning guidelines for them because the submissions are way off the actual logo. The result is that there’s going to be no one clear identity.

While it was probably assumed that volunteers would create banners around the actual logo, I’d suggest adding a note requesting users to create buttons/ banners around the actual logo with a few general guidelines to follow. Actually, since its a Wiki, I might as well do it on my own instead of ranting about it.

  • Feel free to go ahead and do that bit about logos…actually a little bit of chaos in the organisation adds fun to the barcamp…also gives people a chance to come forward and take their own initiative and make thing happen

  • Cone

    I went ahead and added a few guidelines. I also created two badges as examples which I’ve replaced the logo with in the post as well.