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Enterprise Architecture with John Zachman, 2007- Delhi, Bangalore, Pune

There’s a one-day program by John Zachman, said inventor of Enterprise Architecture
on 10 December, Bangalore, 12 December, Delhi and 14 December, Pune. The program will focus on how to manage change & complexity with enterprise architecture.

Zachman framework is de facto standard for Enterprise Architecture & it has been applied in Global 2000 companies such as Volkswagen, Swisscom mobile, General Motors, Sprint, Bank of America, Ford , Health Canada & many other companies.

Major topics covered in the conference include:

  1. Modern Enterprise & its dependency on Information Systems Architecture
  2. The Framework for Enterprise Architecture and Information Systems Architecture
  3. Enterprise Engineering Design Objectives
  4. Enterprise Architecture: Implementation Practicalities
  5. Architecture Methodologies
  6. Enterprise Architecture Management
  7. Guidelines For An Action Plan

Details for Enterprise Architecture ’07