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Integrate FeedFlare with B2Evolution

Adding FeedFlare to your B2Evo posts is rather easy.

I presume you have a FeedBurner account in first place. You need to go to Optimize>FeedFlare and check the options you want to enable for FeedFlare for Site. You could enable it for your feeds too if you wanna by checking Feed as well.

Now, browse your website directory’s folder down to skins>/(whatever skin is enabled for your blog) and open up the main.php file.

Now search for <div class="meta">.
In it, you should see this as probably the last line before the closing div:

<?php $Item->edit_link( '', '', T_('Edit This') ) // Link to backoffice for editing ?>

Add the following below it:

<script src=" WEBSITE FEED NAME HERE?i=<?php $Item->permanent_url() ?>" type="text/javascript"></script>

That’s it. You should be done. If you can’t see it immediately, try pinging FeedBurner and clicking the window icon (next to the RSS icon) in your FeedBurner account page.

In case you still have an issue, drop a comment and I’ll try and help out. Look out for typo’s when specifying your feed name. I got that wrong and was wondering a while why my FeedFlare was not showing up.

  • I’m using b2evolution 1.9.3. I did get FeedFlare to work a while back, but only by checking the ‘Use extra-path info’ box under App settings in the back office (FeedFlare doesn’t like the long addresses with ampersands). Thing is, I have to keep this box unchecked, or else the category system for blogs other than the main blog get screwed up (I have a number of different blogs on the same site). What happens is that clicking on links to posts just leads to an empty page instead of to the right post. This is because the part of the address signifying which blog the post is in gets left out if extra-path info is used. For example, here’s an address without extra-path info:

    But with extra-path info, the blog=10 part gets left out, and the system thinks all posts are in the main blog. Suggestions on what to do about this would be greatly appreciated!

  • Admin

    I don’t know the answer to it but I plan on having multiple blogs too and would need the solution to this sooner or later as well. Did you try putting up a question at the forums?

  • Thanks for this post. I have extended what you have done to work with multiple blogs. Your post got me 1/2 way there!

  • Cone

    Great, Mark. Good to know.