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Dreamweaver Image Description Alt text input

With Dreamweaver 8, every time you paste an image into the design view, the Image Description window comes up so prompting you to specify alt text. I don’t think this was default behavior in MX where you had to enable this window through accessibility options. I think this is really swell and a good way of reminding the user to fill in alt text.

Notice this thing that seems like a bug where if you don’t enter anything as alt text in the Image Description window and click ‘OK’, the window won’t go? You’ll have to click it again for the window to disappear. While it could be a bug, it could also be there to try harder to get users to enter alt text instead of having them simply hit ‘OK’ quickly to get rid of the window.

Of course, you can click it twice and get rid of it. Doing this still does create alt text however. Empty alt text. When do you specify empty alt text? When the embedded image is for purely decorative purposes or for some reason, you’re still using spacer images. If so be the case, you must specify alt text for each one as alt="". This way, the screen reader will skip over the spacer images without an irritatingly long pause or reading the image file names of all the spacer images and those using screen readers will have a better experience browsing your web page.