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Solution to Adobe Acrobat Reader/ Professional PDF problem in Firefox

Everybody is so fed up of PDF files opening up in Firefox. So was I, till I followed a really simple fix.

Well, here’s the solution (works for Acrobat Professional 6 and Adobe Reader 6). This works for Windows XP as I tried it on my laptop.

1. Upgrade to Firefox 1.0.3.
2. Goto the installation folder.
3. Navigate to the ‘plug_ins’ folder. In the case of Acrobat Professional, navigate to Acrobat 6.0>Acrobat>plug_ins .
4. Rename the ‘plug_ins’ subfolder to ‘plug_ins_disabled’.
5. Create a new ‘plug_ins’ folder.

6. Copy the files EWH32.api, printme.api and Search.api from ‘plug_ins_disabled’ to ‘plug_ins’.

Any improvements? One thing guaranteed is that Acrobat will load up much faster than what it would before. And it fixed my Firefox problem too.